At SNG Metals, Production and quality team coordinate to guarantee and maintain highest quality from Prototyping to product development.

Electroplating At its Best at SNG :

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  1 Concept to Reality:
  Electroplating facilities at SNG are installed so as to supply ready to use products. The special care in selection of processes and the requisite material for undertaking plating has been evolved through years of dedicated expertise, ensuring quality coverage with lasting protection of metal surfaces, SNG is committed to conserve natural resources and releasing treated discharges ensuring least impact on environment.
The care has been taken to ensure environment friendly Electro plating processes. Use of chemicals having Cyanide content is prohibited. SNG is equipped with both Hexavalent and Trivalent plating. The care has been taken to install different lines to facilitate treatment of discharge having chrome. The focus continues to be on the surface preparation.
  2.1 Surface Preparation
  -  Maximum attention is in preparing rightful surfaces for effective deposition of zinc on the metal surface.
  - Care has been taken to install washers to avoid contamination of air whilst acid cleaning of components.
  - Facilities have been created for both large and small components. Requisite hangers and fixtures have been developed for best productivity and plating results.
  - Use of DM/RO water for even surface preparation is in force to ensure impurity free and clean metal surfaces.
  - The batch once taken moves continuously till plating is completed.
  - Documentation and record keeping for each batch.
  2.2 Electroplating
  -  For each component, requisite current levels and soaking time is evolved by experts in the field and recorded, so as to, maintain standards.
  -  Special processes are adopted to see even the inside surface (which are not accessible to deposits) have protective covering for a real lasting impact.
  -  Uniform thickness of film is ensured by controlling the processes by having interlocking systems.
  - Special dispensers with blowing air have been developed to see there are no water marks.
  Factory Fresh Looks:
-  Handled with care, packed with adequate supports to ensure quality deliverable at the point of use.
  -   Each lot leaving factory accompanies a certificate ensuring meeting the specifications.